The Cook-ster has won!

Yes.. I slept peacefully last night knowing the best man has won. I like David Archuleta but he’s just too boring with his song choices, reactions and voice. It all sounds alike.. after a while. He’s just too young I guess. Of course the win was pretty surprising too because David A’s fan base is very huge.. probably all the teenage girls. Well well.. thank goodness David C’s fan base are the more matured group who can actually afford to vote!

Here’s my two favourite performances from the new American Idol.
I loved his rendition of “Billie Jean” and “Always Be My Baby”.

2 thoughts on “The Cook-ster has won!

  1. his voice is good! didn’t get to watch de final showdown and de results. was working 🙁

  2. i read COCK-ster. hahahaha! yeaaaah. DAVID COOK(: the MAN won! wheee! i guess audience wants MAN not BOYBOY! hehehe!

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