Moving in progress

We’re baaaaaaack! It was a good break. Had a great time catching up with several friends and family. Also, the trip to London with the babes was fun. I miss them loads and can’t wait for them to come back to Singapore for visits!

In the meantime, we found out that Cookie had an ulcer in one of her eyes. It was pretty bad according to Che.. because we were still in Holland when it happened. He brought her to the vet and got the necessary treatment. She’s doing better now and hating the antibiotics that we have to feed her twice a day.

Since we got back from the trip, its been about getting the house to look more like a home. We are getting there.. slowly but surely.

Our New Home

6 thoughts on “Moving in progress

  1. at first i saw this post’s pic…i thought you took it in london or where…haha. i only realize its de place where you stay when i saw your photos under our house category. so when are you inviting us to your new hse for hse warming? haha.

    anyway welcome back! 🙂

  2. Mdm Reh, we should meet soon ok? Miss you many many. Haven’t see you for dino years. LOL. Padahal we met in school the other time.

    Poor cookie! ):

    Stay healthy and strong and eat well *hint hint*

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