About time!

I tend to forget that I should update this blog as often as I can. Pfft! Oh well.. too bad! Here are some long over-due updates! 🙂

First, we surprised Appie with an “exciting” kids’ party at McDonalds! haha! The staff were sporting enough to play all the games with us. You’d be amazed at how adults behave when prizes are on the line! Even your own parents! haha!

Birthday Surprise!

Next, it was my cousin’s wedding. Wedding’s always nice because it brings everyone together. Anyways, he looked handsome and his bride, Suhaila, looked gorgeous. I wish them both good luck for the years ahead. Remember that patience and communication are very important in any relationship. Listen more, talk less. Give more, take less. And everyday, love each other more.


In between all the celebrations, school’s been keeping me busy… project work, planning lessons, setting papers, marking, etc, etc. Soon the term will come to an end. And before long, the year is over. Till then, we still have several more tiring months ahead of us. I hope my 4E1 will work hard and not give up on themselves and the subject, even if their prelim results are not as good as they’d like it to be!

Well at least, National Day is over. The SLs sang as usual.. and they did well, in my opinion! A couple of talented singers in our midst for sure. My MCs were great too! Thank you ladies and Felix for taking up the challenge.. despite our limited rehearsals (and mugging for the prelims!), you pulled through! I’m proud of you!

To Izzah, stay strong my dear. You’ll be alright.. you’ve always been strong and determined.

National Day Celebrations with the community

Lastly, Appie and I are awaiting the arrival of our little one at the end of this year. I am nervous and excited about it of course. We’ve had several scares along the way, and thank goodness almost everything is fine so far. We are just praying and hoping that she will be a healthy baby. Here’s a sneak peak of our little one from about a month ago.

And tomorrow is my dear daddy’s birthday! Happy Birthday Abah 🙂

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  1. Thks Mdm Reh. It was indeed pure mental and physical challenge. One more sem to go and yeah, graduation. Heh.
    Love you many many. Please do take care! (:

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