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At last, they are married! It was a busy week filled with lots of celebrations.. many family members and friends from everywhere turned up. Overall, it was a great celebration. Congrats to my dear sister and Che.

We also had another visit to the doctor, went for a 4D scan and for the first time, saw a glimpse of our little one. Here’s her debut.

Work has been keeping me pretty occupied.. finishing the syllabus for the lower sec classes and the consultation hours for my grad students.. the usual stuff for this time of the year. So, this weekend is all about getting that much needed rest and extra sleep. We also managed to fit in a shopping spree for our little one. It’s the 29th week.. so everything is drawing near for sure. Throughout the entire pregnancy, I didn’t have that much problems with many things… thank goodness… except for being tired easily and the uncomfortable sitting or lying positions. Apart from that, I think everything has gone pretty smoothly. And now, I can feel her kicking and moving a whole lot more… which can be both amazing and uncomfortable. Most importantly though, I just hope and pray that she is growing well and will be a healthy baby.

2 thoughts on “Weddings & Celebrations

  1. you can sit or lay on any position you wan, as long as you are comfortable 🙂 just by seeing de way de baby move, it will be strong and healthy! 🙂

  2. That was sweet, I mean the vid. Haha. I am so happy for you, you know. Stay healthy always. Loves and misses.

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