It’s the 35th week and she has dropped into my pelvic area.. I think.. because I can now breathe a lot better, there’s lesser pressure on my chest but more pressure in the pelvic area, I find more difficulties in walking for a long time and I need to pee a whole lot more. This means she’s on the way. But sources have said it could still be a few weeks before labour actually begins.

Her room is sort of ready. The bed and changing table arrived yesterday.. and of course the stuffed toys are nicely placed, waiting for her arrival. For now, we are just continuing with our daily routines.. just waiting.

4 thoughts on “Dropped

  1. I can never wait for the arrival of your baby! (:
    I hope you are doing good and all the best.
    Loves and misses.

  2. ooh!can’t wait for mdm reh jr! 😀 definitely not a tamadun! hahaha! 😀 yes, misses!

    your curly butt student.

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