Coming to an end..

Firstly, the pregnancy of course. Its the 37th week and my ligaments are sore. Normal things like typing, writing and picking things up feels like a chore. I’m getting kicked around a lot, which is ermm.. good because it means she’s doing well. I can’t get a lot of sleep because of the constant need to empty my bladder at night and not being able to find a comfortable sleeping position. I guess its nature’s way of preparing me for lesser sleep when she arrives. We have another hospital appointment tomorrow and I can’t wait to see her!

Next, is my time in YI. Its been several years. I will miss all the good friends, colleagues and of course the students. Friends.. I know we can always meet.. so that’s comforting for sure. For students, though most have left, it was always reassuring to know I can see them when they come to visit… but I guess we will have to be make more effort to meet up. Well, when its time to move on, you have to move on. I seriously hope my new school will be as warm and friendly. For now, I’m glad my things in school are cleared. Its amazing how much “rubbish” you accumulate over the years. What is certain though is that I’m definitely not looking forward to saying goodbye.

All cleaned out!

Its almost time for me to celebrate the end of yet another decade. Gosh, time flies. Yes I am getting older and happier. I guess I am blessed to have many amazing opportunities to celebrate this coming of age.. with my best friends in London, buying a new house, getting ready to be a mom and meeting up with ex-primary school mates. The older you get, the more you appreciate all the people you know when you are young.

Ex BVPS Gathering

And lastly as I wait for the year to come to an end, I am travelling to Borean Tundra to keep myself occupied. Till then.. ciao! Enjoy the hols everyone!

3 thoughts on “Coming to an end..

  1. im reading this post, crying at the same time. 🙁 when i come back next time, i’m gna miss being teased and ‘bullied’ by you.

    2 more days to your birthday missy!

  2. :O mdm rehana isn’t going to teach next year anymore?? :'(
    and good luck on the birth of your baby! i’m sure she’ll grow to become a beautiful girl, who loveees mickey mouse 🙂

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