Meet Julia Stoelwinder

Meet our little bundle of joy. Born on 19 November, a day short of my 30th birthday.

Baby Julia
Yes.. she’s adorable 🙂

We’ve had several scares throughout the pregnancy.. the VSD, aortic coarctation and on our last checkup, she supposedly weigh 3.8kg and the heart specialist said a possible early sign of heart failure. You can imagine the many stresses we’ve gone through and with her already being in full-term, the doctors agreed that its time to get her out. So we did.

Thankfully, everything was fine during the birth. The specialists were all on standby and she was safely delivered with a healthy weight of 3.285kg and length of 50cm. She was then placed under observation at the neonatal icu. My heart ached every time I saw her with all the tubes and not being able to stay with her throughout the day, since I was in a different ward. She was constantly being monitored by the heart specialist. Four days later, we were given the green light to bring her home.

Since then, we’re getting used to feeding, burping, changing, entertaining and being entertained by her every 2-3 hours. Yes.. parenthood is a lot of work. And we’re enjoying it.. unless we’re sleepy of course! It’s been hard work and thankfully we have the support and help from family members.

Unfortunately though, in our recent checkup.. the heart specialist has advised us of the need for her to go for a surgery to correct the coarctation. We are worried but we know its important for her to go through it. For now, we are praying and hoping everything will go well.

8 thoughts on “Meet Julia Stoelwinder

  1. Don worry, she will be fine and healthy 🙂 than you can talk to her about our bad things like you did when we go your hse that time 🙂

  2. With all the prayers she’ll be getting, i’m sure Julia will be just fine Mdm Reh. Can’t wait to pay you a visit. =)

  3. HEY MDM REH…. CONGARTS… you gt a baby girl… and don’t worry your baby will be the healthiest baby ever… anyway she is adorable.. just like you…. miss you mdm reh…

  4. hihi still remember mii madam rehana have been awhile….nv see…everything good so cute, hope she will get well soon ..everything will be fine ok

  5. julia sho cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 😀
    ey i’m tagging here cuz if i sms you now you’l probably kill me its 3.47am! i’m having insomnia. =\
    anws, i miss you alr can we meet up! (:
    aiya nvm nvm. i understand that you’r v busy, i video call you when i have time lah! 😀
    just donte worry too much yea?, its not gonna help!
    stay optimistic nd positive!
    you kno julia is gonna be happy & healthy! (:
    i’l pray fer her too! (:

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