Yikes.. it’s been way too long! A year has passed! My oh my! This is terrible!

Anyways, I’ve been busy with work and the little one. She’s nearly 15 months old. Healthy and recovered well from the surgery.. the specialists are very impressed with her progress. We’ve been visiting the specialists every 3-4 months, done several echos and had different vaccinations. I am squeamish so I never dared to watch when the nurses poke her. I will wait outside the room while her dear daddy hold her and comfort her throughout the process. She has started walking since she was 10 months old, never really tried to crawl and can point to many things when asked like the cat, her hair, belly button, toes, nose, mouth, ears, eyes and many more. She loves pointing at photographs, reading her books, drinking Yakult, hugging her toys, kissing everyone especially her little cousins and the cat, singing karaoke and says “yummy” and “mummy” a lot 🙂

As for work, there has been a lot of things that I gotta get used to. Being in a new environment, you have to start from scratch and prove yourself all over again. It’s been tiring but everyone has been very kind and helpful. However, even with these new friends, I still miss my friends in YI. Unfortunately, we all had to move on.

One thought on “Expired!

  1. a yr has passed very quickly! gd to know that julia is doing well 🙂
    hope you are well also even though we never met, haha 😀
    take care!

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