This sucks! Why oh why! I knew they were gonna take him out because of his case. Even that cannot quite prepare you enough until you see it for yourself! How could they? CSI will never be the same again without him!

Warrick Brown

Moving soon

Work has been keeping me busy for sure. That and the many other things like looking for a new house. Yes, we have to move. The convenience of living near the school is ending soon, unfortunately. Well oh well.. it’s going to be ours. A huge investment for our future but at least there will be no more renting and worrying about the fluctuating housing prices!

Also, friends at work have given birth to healthy baby boys. Congrats Wid and Christina!

And yes.. the holidays are approaching! Yay! Can’t wait to meet up with the ladies again… I miss them a lot. I’m sure we’ll have a great time in London.

As the world turns

Yeaps.. its been a while. Nothing new. When school starts.. it means more work, less rest and more migraines. My head has not been kind.. constantly light-headed. I need rest. I badly need a break.

Thank goodness it’s the holidays. It’s time to catch up on much needed sleep and to try to finish work that cannot possibly end.

New beginnings

It’s that time again… for you to reflect and think ahead. For all the things that you have accomplished and all the things you hadn’t.

2007 was memorable because of these events..

  • Two excruciating extractions.
  • Visiting Ais and kids in Germany which resulted in three weeks of chicken pox.
  • Teaching little ones for the first time even though they were challenging and exhausting from time to time.
  • Exploring a new world in WoW.
  • Experiencing cold cold winter for the first time.

Oh what a year!
And I know 2008 will be interesting too.

For starters, I have a lower sec class as my form class. Very different from the “grown-ups” that I’ve been dealing with. This is a very caring class despite the mischievous antics that they display.

I also have mainly lower sec classes to teach, which is going to be interesting! In fact, I have only one graduating class.. which is good because I can concentrate 100% on them. I need to do that because they are my first pure chem class. And I hope they will put in their best efforts throughout the year.

My dear sister is also going to be embarking on a special journey in her life. I hope she’ll stay sane and enjoy the entire process. Good luck!

My best friends and I will be planning a trip to London for reasons I will not disclose! haha! Yay! We’ve never been on a trip together.. so this is going to be real special!

Wohoo.. I can’t wait! Wish me luck!

I hope I see snow!

My oh my.. I never expected that I will ever be in Europe for winter. Well oh well.. here I am! It’s cold for sure.. less than 5 degrees each day.. much colder at night for sure. However, its pretty manageable when you are indoors. When you are outside, you better make sure you are warmly dressed! Otherwise, you’ll freeze your butt off! That said, I hope I’ll be able to experience snow at least once before I leave for sunny Singapore. Maybe on Christmas even! That’d be nice!

For now, its bonding time with the family and of course the trip to Paris! Hope everyone is well and warm in Singapore!

p.s : I miss cookie! 🙁

Oscar Night

Grad Night Pics

It was a night to remember. All the girls looked gorgeous in their beautiful dresses, with their dolled-up faces and pretty hairstyles. Some were amazingly stunning. All the boys looked handsome in their suits. They looked very mature and all set for the world.

This year was special because the event was organised by the students. They planned the games and programme. They designed the logo, came up with the theme, helped with the money collection, arranged for the auditions and many more. They did all that because they wanted their friends to have a wonderful and memorable night… A special night to celebrate their journey in the school. And I think they did a fine job!

Oh yes.. the event would not have been so smooth if not for the help from Nazrul and the four amazingly efficient and helpful boys (Erman, Jannaadan, Pravin and Kumar). Great job boys!! Maybe you guys can help out again next year!